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Paint Your Practice

Saturday September 22 || 7-8:45pm


Daily life is often the greatest barrier to creation, we become absorbed in routines and the samskara of habitual living. Sometimes we need community to create. I developed Paint Your Practice to help remove common obstacles surrounding creativity - space, materials, community, time & inspiration. Bring your body, and an open mind - I'll provide the space, materials, yoga practice, prompts, support and community. Together we'll make a space that's inspiring, warm, and full of collaboration. Explore the layers of your emotions, aesthetics, kinesthetics, heart, breath an brush. You do not have to be an "artist" or a "yogi", simply be willing to explore, and open to possibilities.


In this workshop, we will begin just like a regular yoga class breathe work, warming the body. Then I will lead you through, and build a simple sequence that almost anyone could do, repetition creates confidence. Meditation in motion, when we all have it... then the paint gets involved.

You will want to bring an extra set of clothing and as we move you will want to be wearing white or something you don't care about. When it all said and done you are welcome to cutout your piece of canvas and take it home with you.




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