Urban Acro

A collaboration between Izzy VanHall & Ray Borg


Acro yoga is quite literally designed to uplift the participants, and the observer. You don't need to be wearing fancy yoga pants, or be in a chic yoga studio. Our central goal is to connect with more people, and connect more people to Acroyoga.

There's no shortage of images & videos of yogis practicing their asana in exotic distant lands, with stunning scenery and effortless precision. The subtle implication is that yoga only belongs framed, matted and glossy. The truth is yoga is everywhere and that's why we wanted to put ourselves in places that are more accessible, pedestrian and surprising.

Acro is about community, and that's why there is an interactive component to this project. People are invited to join us, or to observe. Acro is always an invitation to connect, to move to feel  and to breathe.

It doesn't matter where you are, or what you look like- the practice is raw & unfinished. That's what matters. The wholeness of play, and the invitation.


Interested in an Acro performance?