Private Instruction

I adore working with yogis one on one in a customized and focused format. We'll unpack your goals, your needs and your energy that day. We can work towards a peak, or explore a dynamic theme. Count on some core work, and if you're exhausted, some therapeutic Thai. It's all about you, and what you need that day.

I'm currently not taking on new clients, but send me your ideal times and a tidbit of what you'd like to work on, and I'll reach out to you when I have availability.

Public Teaching Schedule

Noon Vinyasa Union Yoga 4pm  Vinyasa Back Bay YogaWorks
7:30pm HipHop Yoga Back Bay YogaWorks

9:15am Vinyasa Coolidge Corner Yoga
2pm HipHop Back Bay YogaWorks 5:45pm Vinyasa Back Bay YogaWorks      

9:30am Vinyasa Union Yoga 12:15pm  Vinyasa  Back Bay YogaWorks 5:45pm  Vinyasa  Back Bay YogaWorks
7:30 pm HipHop Yoga Back Bay YogaWorks

Vinyasa  Back Bay YogaWorks 
2 pm Hip Hop Yoga   Back Bay YogaWorks 5:45pm Vinyasa Coolidge Corner Yoga

SATURDAY 8:30am Vinyasa  Back Bay YogaWorks
11am Vinyasa Coolidge Corner Yoga
4:30pm Vinyasa  Back Bay YogaWorks

HipHop  Back Bay YogaWorks